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Welcome to De Desa Bali Trans

Bali is one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations. Our island is unique, offering you a cultural and friendly experience, one step in to the nature and tradition,this will be your treasure for a lifetime. The Visitors who interested to discover authentic of Bali and  find that De Desa Bali Trans offers an alternative to the larger tour operators,  say they love the adventure and service that we have been  offered.

De Desa Bali Trans offers you privacy and a uniquely individual experience and, as our drivers are all experienced tour guides, they understand and know well about Bali as they was born in bali and proudly to be a balinese . 
We would like you to experience the wonders of some of the best places on the island of Bali, whether they be in mainstream of Bali or in some of the most remote and hidden places on the island.

Although we provide complete tour packages, we are also flexible  to provide transportation to wherever your heart desires – whether that is simply a hotel or airport transfer or a complete island tour! From some of the best shopping places to the best waves in Bali for surf enthusiasts - we are in the know. Remember – we are here to serve YOU!

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